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Dr. Leyva de la Hiz Dante Ignacio

Leyva de la Hiz Dante Ignacio
Fonction Assistant professor
Research themes Management
Teaching department Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Innovation, Management

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Short Bio

Dr. Dante I. Leyva-de la Hiz works as Assistant Professor of Sustainability and Innovation Management at Montpellier Business School (department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy). Originally from Spain, he obtained an International PhD with externally-funded research visits at the ETH University (Zurich, Switzerland) and the George Washington University (Washington D.C., United States).

Accredited as Associate Professor by the Spanish accreditation system (ANECA), Dante Leyva has elaborated a number of courses on strategy, innovation and sustainability, which have been taught at different levels (undergraduate, postgraduate, and MBA-Executive) and in several countries (Spain, France, Dominican Republic and Colombia). Regarding research, Dante Leyva has served as international external jury in PhD dissertations, and his works are published in journals like Organization & Environment; Business Strategy and Environment; Journal of Cleaner Production; C.S.R. and Environmental Management; Management Learning; and Journal of Business Ethics, a journal included in the Financial Times FT50 list, where Dante Leyva has led two publications joining innovation and ethics. Prior to the academia, Dante Leyva worked as auditor for Deloitte.

Dante Leyva is an active member of the Organization and Natural Environment (ONE) division of the Academy of Management, where he has co-directed the communications team. The ONE division groups the best sustainability scholars worldwide, and serves as an exchange forum of research activities, teaching advancements, and international collaboration. Concerned with the impact good sustainable practices can have in our society, Dante Leyva also participates in several initiatives like Montpellier Business School’s sustainability week, workshops for sustainable awareness in primary schools, and forums between University and Enterprise.

Selected intellectual contributions

Leyva-de la Hiz D. I. Forthcoming. Actuando en el presente para que exista un futuro. Las innovaciones medioambientales. In Responsabilidad Social Empresarial. Un compromiso con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible. Cátedra Santander de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa.

Leyva-de la Hiz D. I., Aragon-Correa J. A. & Earle, A. G. 2021. Innovating for good in opportunistic contexts: The case for firms’ environmental divergence. Journal of Business Ethics.

Tiwari A.K., Abakah E.J.A., Le T. & Leyva-de la Hiz D.I. 2021. Markov-switching dependence between artificial intelligence and carbon price: The role of policy uncertainty in the era of the 4th industrial revolution and the effect of COVID-19 pandemic. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 163: 120434.

Leyva-de la Hiz D. I. 2019. Environmental innovations and policy network styles: The influence of pluralism and corporativism. Journal of Cleaner Production, 232: 839 -847.

Przychodzen W., Leyva-de la Hiz D. I. & Przychodzen J. 2020. First-mover advantages in the area of green innovation. Opportunities and threats for financial performance. A longitudinal analysis. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 27(1): 339-357.

Leyva-de la Hiz D. I., Hurtado-Torres N. & Bermúdez-Edo M. 2019. The heterogeneity of levels of green innovation by firms in international contexts: A study based on the home-country institutional profile. Organization & Environment, 32(4): 508-527.

Ferron-Vílchez V. & Leyva-de la Hiz D.I. 2018. Lessons on frugal eco-innovation: more with less in the European business context. In The Critical State of Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe, 12: 279-298. Emerald.

Leyva-de la Hiz D. I., Ferron-Vilchez V., & Aragon-Correa J. A. 2019. Do Firms’ Slack Resources Influence the Relationship Between Focused Environmental Innovations and Financial Performance? More is Not Always Better. Journal of Business Ethics, 159(4): 1215-1227.

Aragon-Correa J.A. & Leyva-de la Hiz D.I. 2015. The influence of technology differences on corporate environmental patents: a resource-based versus an institutional view of green innovations. Business Strategy and the Environment.


Graduate and undergraduate level:
Sustainable Innovation Development
Sustainable tech entrepreneurship project
Innovation Management

MBA-Executive education:
Strategic Innovation Management
Strategic Management
Strategic Marketing.

Teaching countries: Spain, France, Dominican Republic, Colombia.

Additional informations

More information about Dr. Dante I. Leyva-de la Hiz can be found in his Linkedin and Google Scholar profiles.

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