Montpellier Business School


Position Full Professor
Selected intellectual contributions

DHAOUADI, A., A. KHEDHAOURIA, N. BOULILA - "The impact of technostress on auditors' burnout and turnover intention" - 2024, International Conference on Digital Transformation and Management, Hammamet, Tunisia

KHEDHAOURIA, A., F. MONTANI, A. JAMAL, M. H. SHAH, "Consequences of technostress for users in remote (home) work contexts during a time of crisis: The buffering role of emotional social support", Technological Forecasting and Social Change, February 2024, vol. 199, no. February 24, pp. 123065

KHEDHAOURIA, A. - "Challenges of Using Qualitative Comparative Analysis to Explore the Effects of Big Five Personality Traits on Remote Work Exhaustion" - 2024

BENZAIM, S., Z. FTITI, A. KHEDHAOURIA, R. DJERMANE, "US foreign investments: Technology transfer, relative backwardness, and the productivity growth of host countries.", Quarterly Review of Economics & Finance, March 2023, no. 87, pp. 275-295

DHAOUADI, A., A. KHEDHAOURIA, N. BOULILA - "The adverse consequences of technostress on strain and turnover intentions: the mitigating effect of segmentation mindset" - 2023, LIGUE International Conference , Tunis, Tunisia

BENZARI, A., A. KHEDHAOURIA, X. EXTERNE1, X. EXTERNE2, "The impact of technostress on small business owners' burnout: The mediating role of strain." Forthcoming International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business

CESINGER, B., K. GUNDOLF, M. HUGHES, A. KHEDHAOURIA, F. MONTANI, "The bright and dark sides of the Dark Triad traits among senior managers: effects on organizational commitment." Forthcoming Review of Managerial Science

EXTERNE1, X., A. KHEDHAOURIA, X. EXTERNE2, "Do external successors influence the EO of small businesses? The role of self-efficacy creativity and entrepreneurial alertness.", Revue de l'Entrepreneuriat, May 2022

KHEDHAOURIA, A., W. NAKARA, S. GHARBI, C. BAHRI, "The relationship between organizational culture and small-firm performance: Entrepreneurial orientation as mediator.", European Management Review, January 2020, vol. 2, no. 17, pp. 515-528

MONTANI, F., C. VANDENBERGHE, A. KHEDHAOURIA, F. COURCY, "Examining the inverted u-shaped relationship between workload and innovative work behavior: The role of work engagement and mindfulness.", Human Relations, November 2020, vol. 1, no. 73, pp. 59-93

Research themes

Structural Equation Modelling (SEM), The partial least squares (PLS) path modeling, Innovation management, Technostress, Entrepreneurship, Fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA) - Human health and social work activities, Human health and socia

Teaching disciplines

Digital Business Models, Quantitative Research Methods

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