Montpellier Business School

Dr. Gurau Calin

Gurau Calin
Fonction Full Professor
Research themes Marketing, Entrepreneurship
Teaching department Marketing, Sales & Branding

Phone: +33(0)467102846
Fax: +33(0)467451356

Short Bio

Dr. Călin Gurău, Associate Professor of Marketing, started to work at Montpellier Business School in October 2004. He obtained two PhDs in Marketing (Oradea, Romania in 1998; Southampton, UK in 2001) was visiting professor at University of Vienna, Austria; Duke University, USA; University of Angers, France; University of Oxford and Heriot-Watt University, UK. At present, he teaches Strategic and International Marketing to undergraduate and MBA students. In December 2005 he obtained the right to supervise PhD students in France, from the University Aix-Marseille III. He publishes his research on entrepreneurship, marketing and strategy, focusing mainly on the business strategy of biotech SMEs and Internet Marketing, in international peer-reviewed journals such as: Group & Organization Management, Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, Journal of Information Technology, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, International Marketing Review, Journal of Communication Management, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, etc.

Selected intellectual contributions

Siwale J., Gurău C., Aluko O., Dana L.-P. & Ojo, S. 2023. Toward understanding dynamics of the relationship between religion, entrepreneurship and social change: Empirical findings from technology-savvy African immigrants in the United Kingdom. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 186(B): 122153.

Belbaly N., Gurău C., Psychogios A. & Autcharaporn S. 2022. Transactional Memory Systems in virtual teams: Communication antecedents and the impact of TMS components on creative processes and outcomes. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 174: 121235.

Gurău C. forthcoming. Visions of the Future: Opinions and Reflections During COVID-19 Pandemic. In S. L. Fotea, I. Ş. Fotea & S. Vaduva (Eds.) Navigating Through a Crisis with Business, Technological and Ethical Considerations. Springer.

Etemad H., Gurau C. & Dana L.P. 2022. International entrepreneurship research agendas evolving: A longitudinal study using the Delphi method. Journal of International Entrepreneurship, 20(1): 29-51.

Dana L P. & Gurău C. 2020. Entrepreneurship in the Sharing Economy: Lessons from the COVID19 Pandemic. In The ICSB Global MSMEs 2020 Report. ICSB.

Robert M., Giuliani P. & Gurau C. 2022. Implementing industry 4.0 real-time performance management systems: the case of Schneider Electric. Production Planning & Control, 33(2-3): 244-260.

Gurău C. & Dana L.P. 2020. Financing paths, firms’ governance and entrepreneurial management: Accessing and applying operant and operand resources in biotechnology firms. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 153: 119935.

Gurău C., Dana L.P. & Katz-Volovelsky E. 2020. Spanning transnational boundaries in industrial markets: A study of Israeli entrepreneurs in China. Industrial Marketing Management, 89: 389-401.

Gurău C. 2020. The reason for being ethical in business: Moral or marketing orientation? In S. A. Vaduva, I. S. Fotea & S. L. Fotea (Eds.), Challenges and Opportunities to Develop Organizations Through Creativity, Technology and Ethics. Springer Science.

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