Montpellier Business School

Dr. Grebinevych Oksana

Grebinevych Oksana
Fonction Associate professor
Research themes internationalization, regionalization, service industries, entrepreneurship, ethical aspects of business, sustainable development
Teaching department Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Innovation, Management

Tel: +33 (0)4 67 10 25 75

Short Bio

Dr Oksana Grebinevych is an Assistant Professor at MBS. She received her PhD in Management from EM Lyon, France, and holds PhD in Social Philosophy from National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine. Her current research focuses on international business, regional aspects of MNEs’ strategies, service industries and management for sustainable development. One of Oksana’s papers was a finalist for the prestigious A. Rugman Most Promising Scholar(s) Award by the Academy of International Business.

Selected intellectual contributions

Aslam H., Waseem M., Roubaud D., Grebinevych O., Zulqurnain A. & D. Muneeb. Forthcoming. Customer integration in the supply chain: The role of market orientation and supply chain strategy in the age of digital revolution. Annals of Operations Research.

Aslam H., Wanke P., Roubaud D., Khalid A., Grebinevych O., Waseem M., Jabbour C. & Jabbour B. 2022. A scenario-based experimental study of buyer-supplier relationship commitment in the context of a psychological contract breach: Implications for supply chain management. International Journal of Production Economics, 249: 108503.

Iqbal N., Bouri E., Grebinevych O & Roubaud D.. Forthcoming. Modelling extreme risk spillovers in the commodity markets around crisis periods including COVID19. Annals of Operations Research.

Lavuri R., Roubaud D., Jabbour C. & Grebinevych O. 2022. Green factors stimulating the purchase intention of innovative luxury organic beauty products: Implications for sustainable development. Journal of Environmental Management, 301: 113899.

Gedam V.V., Raut R.D., Lopes de Sousa Jabbour A.B., Narkhede B.E. & Grebinevych O. 2021. Sustainable manufacturing and green human resources: Critical success factors in the automotive sector. Business Strategy and the Environment, 30(2): 1296-1313.

Borchardt M., Oly-Ndubisi N., Chiappetta Jabbour C.J., Grebinevych O., Medeiros Pereira G. 2020. The evolution of base of the pyramid approaches and the role of multinational and domestic business ventures: Value-commitment and profit-making perspectives. Industrial Marketing Management, 89: 171-180.

Chiappetta Jabbour C.J., Sarkis J., Lopes de Sousa Jabbour A.B., Renwick D.W.S., Singh S.K., Grebinevych O., Kruglianskas I. & Godinho Filho M. 2019. Who is in charge here? Unveiling the 'human side' of the circular economy. Journal of Cleaner Production, 222: 793-801.

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