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Position Associate Professor
Short Bio

Dr. Oksana Grebinevych is an Associate Professor at MBS. She earned her PhD in Management from EM Lyon, France, and holds a PhD in Social Philosophy from the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine. Her ongoing research delves into sustainable development-oriented management with focus on its ecological and human dimensions. She also investigated the regional aspects of business development (international strategies, business model adaptation, etc.). One of Dr. Grebinevych's papers achieved recognition as a finalist for the A. Rugman Most Promising Scholar(s) Award presented by the Academy of International Business

Selected intellectual contributions

ROUBAUD, D., I. GHOSH, R. JANA, O. GREBINEVYCH, P. WANKE, Y. TAN, "Modelling Financial Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Prediction and Deeper Insights", International Review of Economics and Finance, March 2024, vol. 91, no. March 2024, pp. 680-698

ROUBAUD, D., P. KAUTISH, R. LAVURI, O. GREBINEVYCH, "Electric vehicles’ choice behavior: An emerging market scenario", Journal of Environmental Management, March 2024, vol. 354, no. March 2024, pp. 120250

ROUBAUD, D., N. SAPRA, I. SHAIKH, M. ASADI, O. GREBINEVYCH, "Uncovering Bitcoin’s Electricity Consumption Relationships with Volatility and Price: Environmental Repercussions", Journal of Environmental Management, April 2024, vol. 356, no. April 24, pp. 120528

LAVURI, R., O. GREBINEVYCH, D. ROUBAUD, "Sustainable Consumption Behaviour: Mediating Role of Pro-Environment Self-Identity, Attitude, and Moderation Role of Environmental Protection Emotion.", Journal of Environmental Management, December 2023, vol. 347, no. December 2023, pp. 119106

ASLAM, H., P. WANKE, A. KHALID, D. ROUBAUD, O. GREBINEVYCH, M. WASEEM, C. CHIAPPETTA JABBOUR, A. LOPES DE SOUSA JABBOUR, "A scenario-based experimental study of buyer-supplier relationship commitment in the context of a psychological contract breach: Implications for supply chain management.", International Journal of Production Economics, July 2022, vol. 249, no. July 2022, pp. 108503

ASLAM, H., M. WASEEM, D. MUNEEB, A. ZULQURNAIN, D. ROUBAUD, O. GREBINEVYCH, "Customer integration in the supply chain: The role of market orientation and supply chain strategy in the age of digital revolution." Forthcoming Annals of Operations Research

GEDAM, V., R. RAUT, A. LOPES DE SOUSA, B. NARKHEDE, O. GREBINEVYCH, "Sustainable manufacturing and green human resources: Critical success factors in the automotive sector.", Business Strategy & the Environment, November 2021, vol. 2, no. 30, pp. 1296-1313

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