Montpellier Business School

DENTONI Domenico

DENTONI Domenico
Position Full Professor
Selected intellectual contributions

DENTONI, D., M. C. ANNOSI, E. MATTARELLI, A. M. PETRUZZELLI, "The micro-foundations of ambidexterity for corporate social performance: A study on sustainability managers’ response to conflicting goals  ", Long Range Planning, March 2024, vol. 57, no. 1, pp. 102412

DENTONI, D., R. OCHAGO, J. TRIENEKEN, "Unraveling the connection between coffee farmers’ value chain challenges and experiential knowledge: the role of farm family resources." Forthcoming Journal of Agricultural Education & Extension

ROGLIC, M., D. DENTONI, C. CUCCHI, X. EXTERNE2, X. EXTERNE3, X. EXTERNE4, "Systems thinking, mapping and change in food and agriculture." Forthcoming Bio-Based & Applied Economics

CUCCHI, C., R. LUBBERINK, D. DENTONI, W. B. GARTNER, "That's Witchcraft': Community entrepreneuring as a process of navigating intra-community tensions through spiritual practices.", Organization Studies, June 2022, vol. 2, no. 43, pp. 179-201

KANGOGO, D., D. DENTONI, J. BIJMAN, "Adoption of climate‐smart agriculture among smallholder farmers: Does farmer entrepreneurship matter?", Land Use Policy, February 2021, vol. 105666, no. 109

MANYISE, T., D. DENTONI, "Value chain partnerships and farmer entrepreneurship as balancing ecosystem services: Implications for agri-food systems resilience.", Ecosystem Services, March 2021, vol. 101279, no. 49

PASCUCCI, S., D. DENTONI, J. CLEMENTS, K. POLDNER, W. GARTNER, "Forging forms of authority through the sociomateriality of food in partial organizations.", Organization Studies, January 2021, vol. 2, no. 42, pp. 301-326

DENTONI, D., J. PINKSE, R. LUBBERINK, "Linking sustainable business models to socio-ecological resilience through cross-sector partnerships: A complex adaptive systems view.", Business & Society, June 2020

WALTHER, C. M., K. POLDNER, H. KOPNINA, D. DENTONI, "“Nano” regeneration: How human agency intermediates between nature and technology in community-based energy.", Organization & Environment, April 2020

DENTONI, D., "Heat and Organization Studies: Organizing in a world approaching 50 Degrees Celsius" Forthcoming Organization Studies

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