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Dr. Delis Manthos

Delis Manthos
Fonction Full Professor
Teaching department Finance, Control and Law

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Short Bio

Manthos Delis is a Professor of Financial Economics at Montpellier Business School. His current research emphasizes the effect of finance (especially bank credit) on societal and economic aspects (firm and household investments, income inequality, green finance, etc.). More than 50 of his papers are published in top-tier journals, with 9 publications in FT-listed journals (Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis, Management Science, Operations Research, Review of Finance), 17 in ABS 4 journals, and many other in top-field journals (European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Money, Credit & Banking, etc.). Based on the quality of his research, he has been a Professor since the age of 33, and has received many honors and awards. His work has been cited more than 8,000 times. IDEAS ranks his research in the top 1% in the world (last 10 years). On March 2019, he was externally nominated for the USERN Prize 2019 based on his academic performance in the recent two years. He is a co-founder and member of the organizing committee of the Endless Summer Conference on Financial Intermediation and Corporate Finance (CEPR conference). He is also a member of the program committee of the Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation, and a member of the scientific committee of the Hellenic Finance and Accounting Association (HFAA). He serves as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Financial Stability and the International Review of Finance.

Selected intellectual contributions

Delis M.D., Politsidis P. & Sarno L. Forthcoming. The cost of foreign-currency lending. Journal of Banking and Finance.

Delis M., Iosifidi M., Kazakis P., Ongena S. & Tsionas MG. 2022. Management practices and M&A success. Journal of Banking and Finance, 134: 106355.

Delis F., Delis M.D., Karavitis P., & Klassen K. Forthcoming. Corporate governance and profit shifting: The role of the audit committee. European Accounting Review.

Delis F., Delis M.D., Laeven L. & Ongena S. 2021. Global evidence on profit shifting: The role of intangible assets. VOX EU.

Delis M.D., Hong S., Paltalidis N. & Philip D. Forthcoming. Forward guidance and corporate lending. Review of Finance. [].

Delis M., Hasan I., Iosifidi M. & Ongena S., Forthcoming. Gender, credit, and firm outcomes. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. [DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.3469613]

Boysselle J., Granata J., Pourreau C., Hoang V., Cozarenco A., Delis M., Hollebeek L., Dumazer C., Meyer M., Marais M. & Etchanchu H. 2020. Conséquence de la crise du COVID. Comment gérer le changement avec efficacité et bienveillance. Livre Blanc, Montpellier Business School. Publishing Education.

Delis M., Iosifidi M., Kokas S., Ongena S. & Xefteris D. 2020. Enforcement actions on banks and the structure of loan syndicates. Journal of Corporate Finance, 60.

Iftekar H., Delis M. & Ongena S. 2020. Democraty and credit. Journal of Financial Economics, 136(2): 571-596.


Banking and Money, Monetary Economics, Introductory Economics, Microeconomics, International Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Undergraduate level.
Business Economics, Applied Econometrics, Managerial Economics, Financial Econometrics, Graduate Level.

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