Montpellier Business School

Dr. Bhatt Deepa

Bhatt Deepa
Fonction Assistant professor
Research themes Operations Management, Big Data Analytics, Supply chain, Risk Management
Teaching department Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Innovation, Management


Selected intellectual contributions

Bhatt D.M., Sameen N., Angappa G. & Vartika D. Forthcoming. Prescriptive analytics applications in sustainable operations research: conceptual framework and future research challenges. Annals of operations research.

Heider A., Hassini E., Gunasekaran A. & Bhatt Mishra D. 2022. The impact of digital transformation on supply chains through e-commerce: Literature review and a conceptual framework. Transportation Research Part E, 165: 102837.

Dubey R., Bryde D.J., Foropon C., Graham G., Giannakis M. & Mishra D.B. 2022. Agility in humanitarian supply chain: An organizational information processing perspective and relational view. Annals of Operations Research, 319(1): 559-579.

Mishra D., Dwivedi Y. K., Rana N. P. & Hassini E. 2019. Evolution of supply chain ripple effect: a bibliometric and meta-analytic view of the constructs. International Journal of Production Research, (2019): 1-19

Mishra D., Kumar S. & Hassini E. 2019. Current trends in disaster management simulation modelling research. Annals of Operations Research, 283(1): 1387-1411.

Mishra D., Gunasekaran A., Papadopoulos T. & Dubey R. 2018. Supply chain performance measures and metrics: a bibliometric study. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 25(3): 932-967.

Mishra D., Sharma R.R.K., Gunasekaran A., Papadopoulos T. & Dubey R. 2019. Role of decoupling point in examining manufacturing flexibility: an empirical study for different business strategies. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 30(9-10): 1126-1150.

Han S., Zhao L., Chen K., Luo Z.W. & Mishra D. 2017. Appointment scheduling and routing optimization of attended home delivery system with random customer behavior. European Journal of Operational Research, 262(3): 966-980.

Mishra D., Sharma R. R. K., Kumar S. & Dubey R. 2016. Bridging and buffering: Strategies for mitigating supply risk and improving supply chain performance. International Journal of Production Economics, 180 (2016): 183-197.

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