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Position Associate Professor
Short Bio

His research interests include cross-cultural consumer behavior, global branding, and global consumer culture(s). He serves as associate editor of the International Marketing Review and has published work in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of International Marketing, International Marketing Review, and Journal of Business Research. Among others, his work was awarded the Hans B. Thorelli Award for long-term impact in International Marketing, the Susan P. Douglas Award for the best EMAC paper in International Marketing, and recognition as a significant contributor to the International Marketing Review as an author and reviewer.

Selected intellectual contributions

BARTSCH, F., F. PANTOJA - "The Perfect Blend? Strategic Licensing Between Starbucks and Nestlé. Sage Business Case." - 2024, Montpellier, France

BARTSCH, F., T. MANDLER, T. KRÜGER, K. A. KIM, C. M. HAN, "Consumer animosity: The mitigating effect of perceived brand globalness.", International Marketing Review, February 2023, vol. 2, no. 40, pp. 365-384

BOYSSELLE, J., F. BARTSCH, J. F. GRAVE, "#Instafame : Les jeunes font davantage confiance aux influencers qu'aux célébrités.", E-Marketing,., July 2022, vol. 2023-07-22, no. /, pp. /

GRÄVE, J. F., F. BARTSCH, "#Instafame: Exploring the endorsement effectiveness of influencers compared to celebrities.", International Journal of Advertising, September 2022, vol. 4, no. 41, pp. 591-622

BARTSCH, F., K. ZEUGNER-ROTH, C. KATSIKEAS, "Consumer authenticity seeking: Conceptualization, measurement, and contingent effects.", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, September 2022, vol. 2, no. 50, pp. 296-323

MANDLER, T., F. BARTSCH, C. HAN, "Brand credibility and marketplace globalization: The role of perceived brand globalness and localness.", Journal of International Business Studies, April 2021, vol. 52, no. /, pp. 1559–1590

ZEUGNER-ROTH, K. P., F. BARTSCH, "COO in print advertising: Developed versus developing market comparisons.", Journal of Business Research, 2020, vol. 120, no. novembre 2020, pp. 364-378

DIAMANTOPOULOS, A., V. DAVVETAS, F. BARTSCH, T. MANDLER, M. ARSLANAGIC-KALAJDZIC, M. EISEND, "On the interplay between consumer dispositions and perceived brand globalness: Alternative theoretical perspectives and empirical assessment.", Journal of International Marketing, September 2019, vol. 4, no. 27, pp. 39-57

CLEVELAND, M., F. BARTSCH, "Epilogue on global consumer culture: Epistemology and ontology.", International Marketing Review, May 2019, vol. 4, no. 36, pp. 598–606

BARTSCH, F., M. CLEVELAND, E. KO, J. W. CADOGAN, "Facts, fantasies, foundations, formations, fights, and fallouts of global consumer culture: An introduction to the special issue.", International Marketing Review, January 2019, vol. 4, no. 36, pp. 514–523

Research themes

International marketing, Marketing

Teaching disciplines

Marketing, Analytics and Data Science

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