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Dr. Ueberbacher Florian

Ueberbacher Florian
Fonction Associate professor
Research themes Organization Theory, Business and Society, Regulation and Compliance, Business-Government-Relations
Teaching department Sustainable development management: economy, human resources and diversity

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Short Bio

I am an Associate Professor of Management at Montpellier Business School (since 2021). Previously, I was a senior researcher and lecturer at the University of Zurich, where I have an ongoing affiliation. My Ph.D. in Management is from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). My research focuses on business regulation and business-government-relations and their implications for business and society. Recently I have focused in particular on 'transnational governance', that is, on the regulation of organizations and activities that transcend national borders (e.g. international business, multinational companies, international federations). Conceptually, my research attempts to make contributions to organization theory. I am particularly interested in institutional theories and in theorizations of organizational power and related concepts (e.g. influence, authority, legitimacy, etc.). My research has received several awards. It has been published in premier international journals and supported with large research grants.

Selected intellectual contributions

Überbacher F. & Scherer A. G. 2020. Indirect compellence and institutional change: U.S. extraterritorial law enforcement and the erosion of Swiss banking secrecy. Administrative Science Quarterly, 65(3): 565‐605.

Überbacher F., Jacobs C. D. & Cornelissen J.P. 2015. How entrepreneurs become skilled cultural operators. Organization Studies, 36(7): 925‐951.

Überbacher F. 2014. Legitimation of new ventures: A review and research programme. Journal of Management Studies, 51(4): 667‐698.


Corporate Social Responsibility (Master/MSc), Montpellier Business School (2022-)
Corporate Diplomacy and Nonmarket Strategy (Master/PGE), Montpellier Business School (2021-)
Corporate Social Responsibility (Master), University of Zurich (2018-2021)
Introduction to Management (Bachelor), University of Zurich (2016-2021)
Exploring Sustainability as Strategic Opportunity (Master), University of St. Gallen (2014-2019)
Introduction to Organizations and Organization Theory (Bachelor), University of Lucerne (2012-2014)

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