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You hold at least a foreign Bachelor degree (non-French... and it can also be a foreign Bachelor honours or foreign Master) and you want to obtain one of the most prestigious Master in management in the world?

Montpellier Business School’s "Grande Ecole" Master in Management offers as many options as possible to allow you to find the most suitable and prestigious study programme for your future career!

Option 1: The Classic Track

3 semesters of courses at the Montpellier Business School and 1 semester of internship in a company for your final year specialization.

Option 2: The International Track

Take a year out between your 1st and 2nd years and do some of your studying in another country during the year out. 3 possibilities:

A. “DOUBLE INTERNATIONAL MASTER" Spend your final year in one of the Montpellier Business School’s partner universities (USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, India…) and obtain two degrees: 1 French “Grande Ecole” Master’s degree and 1 international Master’s degree.

B. “INTERNATIONAL PRO” 1 semester in a foreign university and 1 semester of internship in a French or a foreign company during your year out.

C. “TRADE WITH ASIAN MARKETS” 1 semester in Shanghai to learn Chinese and 1 semester of internship in Asia during your year out.

Option 3: The Professional Focus track

Take a year out between your 1st and 2nd year and do an internship in a French or a foreign company.

Option 4: The “Apprenticeship” track

The French system enables any student to take advantage of the “apprenticeships system”: if you find a “contrat d’apprentissage” with a French company (with the support of our team of professional consultants and our network of Company partners), the company will finance your studies and pay your fees through its “taxe d’apprentissage”.

Over a period of 4 weeks, you work 3 weeks for this company (anywhere in France or even abroad in some cases) and you study 1 week in Montpellier.

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