The International Entrance Exam is aimed at applicants holding a foreign qualification at the level of Baccalaureate + 3 or Baccalaureate + 4 equivalent to 180 ECTS credits. It enables them to join the second year (M1) of the Master Grande Ecole programme, graduating with a Master’s degree Baccalaureate + 5 endorsed and recognised by the French State, accredited AACSB and EPAS.

Details of the entrance exam:

Apply from 31st October 2016 and before 31st August 2017 to an admission session held every month (usually between 25th and 30th or 31th of the month).

Written eligibility tests (weighting):
- Application form assessment (30)

Oral entrance tests (weighting):
- English proficiency assessment (15)
- Individual interview (15)

Overall total: 60

Oral selection tests:

The English oral exams and the interview are held every month either at the head office of Montpellier Business School, in the applicant’s home country or by video-conference. Evidence of a TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS can also be provided to replace the English language interview.

Individual interview:

Montpellier Business School’s individual interview uses the HAY Management method, which helps the selection board to identify the personal characteristics of applicants and their potential as future managers. The questions asked by members of the board aim to gradually deepen their knowledge of applicants and, among other aspects, assess their ability to anticipate, adapt and integrate, as well as their individual inquisitiveness and open-mindedness.

English language test:

The English language test  consists of the preparation of a text covering general or socio-economic topics. The interview focuses on understanding and analysing the text in order to broaden the discussion, particularly concerning the culture of the country.

How to apply?

If you live in Senegal, Dominican Republic, Mauritius, Thailand, Laos or Tunisia, please click here and contact the appropriate student recruitment office.

For all other countries, please apply directly to Montpellier Business School:

1. Apply online here.

2. Once your completed application form has been received, Montpellier Business School will inform you whether your application is eligible. If you are eligible, an interview will be arranged for you.

3. In the weeks following the interview, Montpellier Business School will let you know by email if you are admitted within Master Grande Ecole Program.

4. In case of admission, Montpellier Business School will send you a confirmation letter that you must return completed and signed within one month.

5. Once your confirmation form has been received, we will send you a letter of acceptance and inform the French embassy of your place of residence in order to process your entry visa for France.

Information and registration

International Department of the Master Grande Ecole – ESC Montpellier programme:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel: +33 (0)4 67 10 60 16

Please download the Master « Grande Ecole » Program Brochure



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