An innovative academic policy

Montpellier Business School has developed an innovative academic policy to ensure its faculty is able to meet national, European and international challenges.

This policy meets the requirements of our mission to “train, through higher education programmes, managers that are strong in their diversity, aware of their global responsibility in carrying out their missions, and able to adapt to changes in local, national and international environments”.

This policy, which is centred on managerial innovation and entrepreneurship, has made it possible to develop a unique teaching method which includes syllabi adapted to the business world, and educational technology tools (Content management system, E-learning, educational videos, call centres) to facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

This policy places Montpellier Business School, through its faculty, at the forefront of educational innovation, enabling it to adapt to its different target audiences(Bachelor, Master, Executive MBA, continuing professional training programmes) in French and English as well as offering incredible opportunities to students wishing to join the apprenticeship track.

At the same time, continuous improvement processes have been put in place to ensure the quality of teaching and to constantly change pedagogical practices.

The pedagogical method is one of the driving forces behind this commitment to academic quality, which aims to convey academic knowledge while making the student the principal lead of his or her training. For each professor, it is a matter of directing the students to the existing pedagogical resources whose contents they will adapt so that face-to-face sessions can be concentrated on the reflection, exploitation, imagination and debate around and about the business concepts. This pedagogical method emphasises the responsibility of the student, aims to develop critical thinking and creativity in order to encourage the learning of best professional practices.



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